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Amazoncom: Selkirk Metalbestos 6T-CT 6-Inch Stainless

Buy Selkirk Metalbestos -CT 6-Inch Stainless Steel Round Top: Spring clean with the original on the house lasted 8 years and then the rivets gave out I installed an off from a big box store and that one lasted 6 years before becoming a frisbee I just purchased this one more time (it matches the of the

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Amazoncom: Selkirk Metalbestos 8T-CT 8-Inch Stainless

Needed a second cap so I can keep one cleaned and ready to change out when needed to limit the trips on the roofThis is the exact same one I have seems to be kind of a universal fit with 3 finger supports that attach with a band around the outside of my 8" triple wall pipeMy stove is a heavy creosote maker and having a spare will be helpful

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